Build your trading bot

Learn how to implement your automated trading bot with Python and Alpaca using free tools.

“This guide aims to increase the accessibility of what some would call the Holy Grail in order to dismantle the myth around it
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A detailed guide on how to establish your independent trading bot

Learn you way towards an automated trading bot that will be able to place orders following your strategy

  • In your own PC
  • Take your time
  • Write your strategy
  • Open code

Fully implemented in Python 3, using the Alpaca API, which is the first real commision free broker designed for automatic trading.

Download the free sample

Plenty functional. Download the included code.

We provide you with the code. Not an example, not a demo. The running code, so you can improve it and implement your strategy.

We are not a broker, we are not a bank. We only offer a guide.

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It's incomplete, yet it's perfect.

The path to being your own boss is complex, thus it cannot be written completely in a book. Nevertheless, this guide will help you getting there, without messing around, without bulls**t.

“Success is not how much time you spend doing what you like, but how much time you don't spend doing what you don't." – Casey Neistat

Seen on Udemy

Enroll the Udemy course and easily go through the guide, the code, and all the details

Automatic Stock Trading with Python – Trading Bot Included! rating

The course taught at Udemy makes it easier to understand the trading bot and the theory behind it.

  • The trading bot code is included, you will learn how to use and modify it
  • Only a basic level of Python to be able to understand all the code
  • The trading strategy is explained, without it being a finance course
  • As the guide, straight to the point, without spending a lot of time on tools that you may not need
  • With live examples of how it works in the end

Finish the course with the bot running your strategy

The Incomplete Guide is included with the course materials.

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About the guide

This book will guide you through the steps to implement a trading bot with your laptop, at your home, with no cost. You will learn how to:

  • The included code is written in Python 3. Compact, efficient, accessible.
  • You will learn how to translate a technical analysis strategy into code easily.
  • Connect with the Alpaca API, place orders and retrieve information.
  • It is all about this guide. No hidden subscriptions. No fees. No-thing.
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Accessible, easy and understandable. Implemented in Python 3

The written code is accessible and does not require you to be an expert. See how you can take advantage of the multithreading to explore multiple assets at a time. With open libraries such as Tulipy, Requests, Thread or Alpaca API the code is simpler than ever.

With some financial background. Just a little.

We provide you with a valid strategy based on technical indicators. Take it or drop it, but it is worth to read.

We did not invent anything. The presented strategy is widely known and taught at many trading centers. This guide provides a light overview around the used indicators. Using indicators such as the Exponential Moving Average for different time frames, as well as the Relative Strength Index and the Stochastic Oscillator will lead us towards a successful execution.

Alpaca is commission free, it's an API and offers market data.

Alpaca is a market disrupter, offering you an API, real time market data and a comission free trading.

We wrote the easy guide.

This is an unprecedented, huge enabler. Alpaca not only allows you to easily talk to your broker –them–, but also provides you with the most valuable thing for you to perate: the market data. You will also be able to backtest your code, so you decide when to enter the real game. No pressure.

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Available WORLDWIDE.